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Result of tests

The following results were obtained along the testing of a specific group of users which regularly use the Internet. Since CPROXY system allows the users a sophisticated change of parameters influencing the resulting level of compression (and even the quality of the image when compressing images in format JPEG) and since the degree of compression is indeed dependent on the volume of data transferred through the Internet, it shows summarized results according to the used significant-extent protocol. However, savings are produced in higher amounts than wanted near the lowest levels of compression. Consider yourself :

ProtocolData compression

HTTP (browsed WWW pages etc.)cca 35 - 70 %
POP3 (Received mail)cca 30 - 55 %
SMTP (Sent mail)cca 30 - 55 %
SOCKS4 (ICQ apod.)cca 20 - 50 %

Total average of saved data (round numbers)cca 30 - 60 %

The portion of the percentual increase of speed responds to the portion of savings of transferred data. In such factor, no deviation was measured due to the assurance of the quality of the infrastructure of CPROXY system (quick server and network backbone).

The published results would be worthless if we hadn’t been able to support them concretely on real measurable data. For illustration, in the following table you will find a detailed description of the measured values during the testing in one single day. We have protocol HTTP as an example and we have the home pages of the ten most visited WWW servers within the frame of the .CZ domain as a reference (chosen from published data NAVRCHOLU.CZ)

Visited WWW server Outbound trafic
Inbound trafic
Outbound trafic
Inbound trafic
savings 12,95 kB186,38 kB4,63 kB51,40 kB71,89 % 10,77 kB59,14 kB4,77 kB24,29 kB58,44 % 6,65 kB54,05 kB2,39 kB35,52 kB37,55 % 11,04 kB53,25 kB4,29 kB24,75 kB54,82 % 13,03 kB114,53 kB4,95 kB48,81 kB57.86 % 16,44 kB149,98 kB7,39 kB86,42 kB43.63 % 11,38 kB127,08 kB4,76 kB70,70 kB48,94 %
http://www.mobil.cz36,60 kB363,43 kB15,48 kB204,79 kB44.94 % 33,49 kB334,85 kB13,27 kB194,18 kB43,68 % 12,92 kB151,23 kB5,34 kB44,20 kB69.82 %

Total 165,27 kB1593,92 kB67,27 kB785,06 kB51,55 %

The values shown above were achieved while advertising banners in GIF format and 460x80 proportions were ignored and during the middle level JPEG compression settings, while there is still no evident decrease in the quality of the graphic in such format. Other multimedia and graphical items were kept in their original quality.

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